How To Stop Junk Mail

As an exercise in time wasting, sorting through the pile of junk mail you receive on most days, tops the list. It is annoying, takes valuable time, and you can often lose an important mail in the collection of spam sitting in your folders. Constantly having to block junk mail can feel like a futile exercise. It has to be done one by one, and the senders always seem to find ways around it. Using a spam filter is one way to effectively remove the unwanted mail. However, ensure that important mail is not sent to the ‘spam folder’ by clearly identifying them as not spam.

Be Clever With Your Email Accounts
Do you want to stop mail that looks like unwanted spam from blocking your account folders? Then get a bit more savvy about how you use your email account. Be protective about how you use it and who you give your email address to. Avoid using it in newsgroups or with online retailers, where spambots can collect them. Do not put your email address on your website, and consider ‘Munging’. This is where you use your address in a way that people can understand, but the spambot can not. Avoid familiar patterns such as “”, and instead, write it as “a at b dot com” to completely fool the spambots.

  • Use a disposable email address
  • Look at ways to fool the spambots
  • Purchase a more sophisticated spam filter

Never feel overwhelmed by your junk mail, you can simply delete the account if it all gets too much. However, do explore all the options available to you. These can range from a disposable email used for sites that you do not know well, to a professional spam or junk mail cleaner. There are many on the market, and most offer a free trial period. It is worth investing a little time researching to reduce all the fruitless hours spent on cleaning all the worthless junk from your inbox.